Today, Let Me Be About Love



Today let me be about love.

Just for today let me be about faith.

I wake up to another morning so filled with splendor

It is easy to find the inklings of my faith as they step out into the sunlight,

Spread their arms and turn their faces upward.

Today let me leave my intelligence asleep.

Let leave to rest in blissful ignorance of this day

Those parts that raise the questions.

Those places that need to understand,

But whose conclusions are always the same.

Or if I'm not to leave them rest completely

Let me greet them as they wake.

Give them a cup of coffee.

Welcome them to the beauty of the day.

And as they begin to ask why I think the day so beautiful,

Let me sit them down with each other to ponder such things

Let me just respond with the warm glow of the sun as it falls upon my face

Let me give them all the love I have.

But, God, don't let me take up the conversation.

I have too much to see and do and feel today for that.


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