For Doug



You took a few steps with me

They may not have seemed like much

My silly legs, they wobble as I walk

Like a child who does not even know the feel of balance


You were a stranger among strangers.

I was stranger still.

Passing through the skin of bonds already tendered

Already Group; no further need

Yet at my knock, a need created

You cleaved the circle

Opened your embrace

And in I slipped


While  you were not always the source of warmth

(Though I was grateful, as

Too many comforts make me numb)

But always the source of wisdom

Your word, spoken soft as the lighting Wren

But swollen with truth

So often waking me with its prick


Stranger among strangers,

In some ways you were strangest of all.

And it will be strangest of all

That you will now be present only in our missing

And you will be present.

You may be leaving

But you will not be let go.


God bless you on your journey.



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