Expressions from the Office Park



Unrepentant boys throw sand and tantrums from the comfort of their boxes.

Pushing grains from here to there with great deliberation.

Rigid and unyielding,

A concrete image serves as model for the great construction.

But the grains do poorly in its stead – slipping one way and another

Until the mound resembles little of its vision


But no other shovel may stand in the path of one so determined.

Or another tantrum will erupt.

He who shouts and spits and fumes the loudest earns

The right to push his grains of sand into the mound that he can claim

But which fails all tests of value

Save to its builder as an icon of his ego



“Let me out!” I found myself screaming as the ravings of a lost madman

Although my voice was lost to ears of any kind

Only silently inside my head

I found that I’d been screaming for a long time.  For years

But had only just begun even to hear myself

A distant echo, but with a passion and a knowing I had never heard before

And with a resonance that was starting to reverberate through me 

So that I could now do nothing at all but listen

The sound of my own screams holding me in some kind of trance

My limbs shackled.  My mind numb

Growing in intensity, but sounding as if they were coming from someone else

But from inside myself nonetheless

“Let me out!”

I had never realized the tightness of my quarters

Never recognized before the confines

Until now in the echoes of that screaming


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